The Use of Crowdsourcing Technology and TOPSIS Method in The Development of Tourism Decision Support System Based On Wisdom of The Crowd


  • Akhmad Rizal Dzikrillah FAKULTAS TEKNIK UHAMKA
  • Randu Rizki Ramadhan


Decision support systems have often been used in making tourism destination selection decisions. The multi-criteria decision-making methods used in the decision support system still use the weighting criteria of each alternative using the assessment of one or several experts. This makes the recommendations generated by the DSS are not updated automatically over time. The authors want to change the paradigm from DSS based on experts assesment to DSS based on crowd assesment.  This reserach aims to developmt a DSS application for selecting tourist spot based on the wisdom of the crowd and personal tastes of each user. By using crowdsourcing technology and the TOPSIS method, a DSS application can be built for the selection of tourist attractions based on the wisdom of the crowd and users' personal preferences.


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